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Types of Cherries

The sweet cherries that become Maraschinos come in all shapes and size. Take a closer look at the different cherry types that our Growers work so hard to bring to you. LEARN MORE

The Harvest

Cherry blossoms herald the onset of spring followed by the long, warm days of summer and their sweet, juicy fruit. Whether plucked straight from the tree or cooked into blue ribbon pie, cherries are synonymous with fun in the sun. How then do you know when to pick cherries? LEARN MORE

Cherry Facts

When it comes to cherries, there’s more than meets the eye. Did you know, the total U.S. production of sweet cherries is about 370 million pounds or that February is National Cherry Month? LEARN MORE fun facts about cherries we bet you didn’t know.

Kid’s Cherry Orchard

The Kid’s Cherry Orchard is full of engaging and educational content and activities perfect for parents and teachers alike. LEARN MORE

From the Blog

  • Maraschino Cherries to the Rescue!

    After 20 years on the run, Joseph Stroup, the man considered America’s most wanted deadbeat dad, has been taken into custody, the CBC reports, thwarted by his own bizarre drink order, and what sounds like a clumsy attempt at insurance fraud. Stroup, who owes over $560,000 in child......

  • Cherry Volume Down but Prices Good in 2018

    The volume of cherries is down this year due to cold spring weather that kept bees from coming out of their hives and pollinating flowers, but orchardists still expect a good return in the marketplace. “Our crop is lighter than last year, but we expect......

  • Seneca Foods Finalizes Acquisition of Maraschino Cherry Business from Burnette Foods

    On February 02, 2018, the Seneca Foods announced that it has completed the acquisition of maraschino cherry business from Burnette Foods, Inc. The financial details and other terms of the deal were not disclosed. Key Highlights of the deal Burnette Foods’ maraschino cherry business is based ...