NCGIF Gets A Makeover

Welcome to the new NCGIF website and blog! A lot has changed and you probably don’t recognize much so allow us to give you a tour.

A New Identity

The first thing you probably noticed was our shiny, new logo and tagline, “Simply Spectacular”, which speaks to the simple nature and superiority of our products.  The logo itself draws from a vintage style to help communicate a sense of history and heritage. Within the logo design, the bright red represents the vibrant, fun color of the Maraschino cherry, while the other colors are derived from nature: yellow for the sun and green for the pastoral cherry trees and orchards.

Beyond the new tagline, “USA Grown” was added to the logo to ensure consumers know they are getting the highest quality, US grown produce.

A New Place to Call Home

In addition to our new brand identity we also have a new website that still has that new website smell…Mmmmmmmm. In addition to the lovely aroma, our new site has tons of great content including:

New Ways to Connect

But wait, there’s more! Beyond our website, which is a great place to stay in-the-know, we have also taken the plunge into social media. Please be sure and connect with us via Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn to stay informed. Furthermore, we encourage an open dialog of news, facts and recipes with our followers and fans so be sure to share with us and we’ll share it with the world.

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