Category: Beverages

Cherry Cordial Martini

The perfect cocktail finish to a perfect evening, but why wait until then?

Cherry Basil Smash

A modern basil and cherry cocktail with classic roots, utilizing fresh lemon and London Dry Gin.

Wild Cherry Mojito

A vibrant Mojito showing off fresh mint and citrus with a Maraschino Cherry pop.

Van Cortlandt Sour

Our take on the New York Sour, which employs Knob Creek® Rye, a float of red wine and gets topped with a White Maraschino Cherry.

Perfectly Manhattan

Classically Old Fashioned

Sugar, water, bitters and bourbon - four simple ingredients brought together to form one of the first cocktail recipes. After prohibition one would come into a bar and order a cocktail made the “old fashioned way”… the name stuck. Classic in every sense but sure to never go out of style.

Augusta Sour

Inspired by the famous Augusta National, this sour features Maker's Mark® 46 Bourbon, Aperol® and a Bordeaux Style Maraschino Cherry for a relaxed, Southern-style cocktail.

Doonbeg Sour

This Irish sour stays on course with Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey and teams up with dry vermouth, grapefruit juice and Maraschino Cherry Syrup to bring it all together.

Cherry Punched

A fresh bourbon cocktail with a cherry twist.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Cocktail

Grilled Pineapple is the star of this cocktail.