The Growers

US grown Maraschino Cherries come from California, Michigan, Oregon and Washington. Most, if not all of our Grower partners are individuals and families who have been growing cherries in the US for generations.

how our growers got started

Our Grower community represents a rich heritage of American families who take great pride in the fruits of their labor. To learn more about the storied histories of our Growers click on the links below.

History of Cherry Growing in the US

The history of the cherry in America is not complete without some mention of its introduction, culture and development of new varieties on the Pacific Coast. Indeed, it is not too much to say that at no time nor at any place in its whole history has the cherry made greater advancement than during the second half of the 19th Century. READ MORE

Chapin Orchards

Four generations of Chapin’s have farmed in the area North of Salem, Oregon know as Mission Bottom. The family got started farming there when Luther Chapin bought the first property in 1916 shortly after serving as the first county agent in Oregon. READ MORE

Cooper Family History

In 1869 Robert Cooper and his wife Mary, both immigrants from Scotland, homesteaded on 160 acres on Dry Hollow just south of The Dalles, Oregon. Besides raising horses to portage freight around Celilo Falls on the Columbia River, Robert developed one of the finest fruit ranches in the area, raising a variety of fruits for market. READ MORE


Leopold & Petronella Kroupa along with their sons Charles, Ferdinand, Ludwig & John arrived from what is now the Czech Republic (formerly Bohemia) in 1852 with little except $16,000 worth of gold bullion. They endured many hardships making their way to Chicago, IL and then up the Old Indian Trail to Traverse City, MI and then on to Bowers Harbor, MI on the Old Mission Peninsula. READ MORE

Island View Orchards

Six generations of Lyon’s have picked cherries at Island View Orchards in Michigan. It began over a century ago, in 1876, when Alfred and Mary Lyon settled on 40 acres of wooded land overlooking Grand Traverse Bay. Alfred, a recent immigrant from Sweden, purchased the land from the local lumber baron after working two years in the sawmill. READ MORE

Holman Family History

It all began with a long journey to the United States via the Mayflower and one family’s love of the land. With a few stops in between, the Fowler family found their home in Michigan just outside Traverse City on the Old Mission Peninsula. Curtis Fowler, Sr. and his sons, Curtis, Jr., and Francis came to the Peninsula in l855, and purchased land in 1856, the first year that settlers were able to buy property. READ MORE

Ode to a Cherry Orchard

This poem, penned by an unknown author, is the unofficial poem of the NCGIF. Its spirit embodies that of the organization and the cherry grower community it represents.

When you look upon a Sleet storm
Aglistening in the Sun,
Can you only see the beauty
And not the damage done.

When the Mercury’s down to zero,
Then drops twenty more degrees,
Can you think of pretty penguins,
And not about your trees.

On a nippy, frosty morning,
When Spring is in full flood,
Can you go about your morning chores
And never cut a bud.

When your cherry crop needs picking,
And the crew all heads for town,
Can you wish them pleasant going,
And not let it get you down.

If a thunderhead looms up
As the summer sun grows pale,
Can you think of Benny Franklin,
and never once of hail.

When things like these turn up,
If your mind will not be tortured,
Then go ahead and stake the ground
And plant your cherry orchard.