Ways to Preserve Cherries

If you are lucky enough to have access to your very own cherry tree, then you might be interested in a few ways to make the fruit last as long as possible. Cherries can be added to any number of baked goods, but you don’t always need a dessert at the time. Here are a few methods of preserving cherries so you can enjoy them later.


The process of canning fruit can be a long process, but well worth it! This site walks you through every part of canning cherries. Most people prefer to take the pits out before putting cherries through the canning process, but you also have the option of leaving the pits in. However, if you decide to make jam to can, you’ll definitely need to remove the pits. I really like all the pictures in the description of how to make cherry jam. I’m more of a visual person, so these help me a lot!


As long as you have enough freezer room, freezing cherries might be the quickest way to preserve the fruit. It’s best to store them in a deep freeze, so keep freezer burn at bay. What better place to get tips on how to freeze cherries than from an orchard?! There are a couple of methods offered as well.


Turning cherries into dried goods is an excellent option for people with little freezer space. The prep time takes a bit, but the dehydrator will do all the rest of the work for you. I use my dehydrator for drying fruit all the time. I like the way it can turn fruit into a nice snack to take on a road trip or provide me with yummy fruit bits to add to a quick-bread recipe.

Besides storing cherries to eat, you can also create some tasty drinks with them. If you like cocktails, making cherry liqueur is something you might try. Cherry juice is another drink you can easily make at home. It’s also very good for you, because cherries are full of health benefits.


What favorite fruit preserving methods do you use?

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